Effektive Teppichreinigung - mamm.ch

We all know it: Our beige interior carpets from the car are so beautiful when we have just bought the car. However, after using our car for a while, they get dirty and our hearts hurt just by looking at them. In this video, Vincent from our social media team shows you how to get the carpets clean again.

Vincent uses Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Remover and Gyeon's brush . Two products with excellent ratings in our online shop and definitely very popular with our customers.

In this case, Vincent starts by spraying the carpet with Chemical Guys stain remover. After a short exposure time, he also sprays a bit of product onto the brush.

As soon as the cleaner has been allowed to take effect for a moment, the carpet can now be treated. Vincent carefully brushes the carpet until the dirt is clearly loosened. Then he takes a microfiber cloth and wipes the carpet to pick up the dirt.

The carpet cleaning is complete.

Important: Please let the carpet air dry before you put it back in the car.